Affordable Tactical Led Flashlights


Lumitact is one of the leading tech companies when it comes to flashlight technology. Several months ago they have announced the release of the ultimate flashlight of the century that is going to change the way we see flashlights forever. Fans of flashlights have been waiting for this moment and now when it’s officially released I present to you the ultimate G700 LED flashlight.

Marked as a military grade weapon and also used in combat as a neutralizing weapon this flashlight has a stunning power of 700 lumens that can instantly light up a large area and turn night into day with just one simple click.

G700 Origins and Background

This flashlight was originally designed for military purposes, but since the G700 had turmendes success in the media the manufacturers decided that to release it for regular citizens. Armed with the latest technology available this flashlight is considered to be the brightest flashlight available on the market for regular citizens.

The original idea for this flashlight was invented in the early 2000, but back then the flashlight industry hadn’t evolved to that point where this flashlight could be build. Today we live in a advanced technological era where finally Lumitact got the resources to build this ultimate flashlight.

Technical Specifications

Unique LED technology integrated into the G700

Until now all flashlight have used the same principal of integrating LED technology into flashlights.Most flashlight used a circular LED concept to transmit the entire lumen power, but in most cases the circular LED didn’t transmit the entire lumen power into one place. The new LED technology is more powerful that everything invented before because of the new LED chip integrated into the flashlight to light up the bright surface.

LED lamp life longevity

Considering the fact that this flashlight is used by the US military and NASA this flashlight has the longest LED lamp life longevity when compared with the industries average. This flashlight can last up 1200 hours without turning it off.

Rechargeable battery option

One of the key feature that this flashlight has to offer is the rechargeable battery option which will save you money on maintaining your flashlight on a monthly basis. To power the G700 LEd flashlight you will need 3 double-AA batteries which will last up to 48 hours with one charge. Of you consider to use this flashlight for outdoor activities like camping or hunting if you batteries run out of power you can recharge it with your’s car USB charger.

Indestructible material

One of the things that make this flashlight a military grade weapon is because of the aircraft aluminum which this flashlight is made off. This flashlight is designed to be durable and can last on harsh conditions.

Where can you get the G700?

There are a lot of websites that offer the exact copy of this flashlight be aware of those scams and try to avoid buying from them. The only place where it is safe to buy original Lumitact G700 LED flashlight is where currently the ultimate flashlight is available for 75% off the full price plus free shipping to your doorstep.